Lynn Crossett is a singer-songwriter based in San Marcos, Texas, who travels between Central Texas and Southern California performing Americana, alt-country style music. He was recently selected by the Cheatham Street Music Foundation as a resident songwriter. In addition to his Friday residency at Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos, watch for album release shows coming up in Austin/San Marcos and the Los Angeles area.

His latest album titled "In the Company of a Song" was produced by Grammy Award winning alt-country legend Lloyd Maines and features not only signature steel guitar work by Lloyd Maines but also fiddle and mandolin by Dennis Ludiker (Asleep at the Wheel, Milkdrive) and harmony vocals by HalleyAnna Finlay Welch on two songs ("Warren and Whitney" and "Child Support Trips"). Because Lynn divides his time between his home base in the Austin, Texas area and Southern California, the album contains a wide range of lyrical and musical themes - from the tale of a busker on the Santa Monica Pier in the first song ("Stay Awhile"), the road trip song, "California Ride," the title track with its Eastern, Central, and Pacific Time Zone allusions, the more playful "Do You Remember Me," the word-painting storytelling of "Warren and Whitney" and "Child Support Trips," to the observations of Los Angeles in the final song, "Boulevard," which has elements of reggae on this Americana/folk record and even has Lloyd Maines singing harmony vocals, something he has only done for artists with whom he has worked for many years, such as Joe Ely, Terry Allen, and Terri Hendrix. The songwriting combined with the masterful yet minimal production makes this album an engaging listen from start to finish.

Latest album

In the Company of a Song

Lynn Crossett

Released April 22, 2022, "In the Company of a Song" was produced by Lloyd Maines and includes powerhouse fiddle and mandolin performances by Dennis Ludiker (Asleep at the Wheel, Milkdrive), piano by Chris Gage, and harmony vocals by HalleyAnna Finlay Welch. Available on all major platforms at https://lynncrossett.hearnow.com.

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Album Review

San Marcos, Texas/California songman Lynn Crossett wisely chose Lloyd Maines as producer for his recent release, In the Company of a Song. Sonically, the album floats gently between Folk and Country, never completely falling under the banner of either genre as it presents the music of Lynn Crossett to comfortably fit in to multiple tastes. Lynn sets up as a busker on a California boardwalk for opening track “Stay Awhile” while he offers a personal resume over a myriad of strings in “Best of Me” as memories of younger days make a storyline for “Child Support Trips”. In the Company of a Song voices is title track as a late-night Folk jam while somber shadows color the melodies taking a “California Ride”. Lynn Crossett introduces “Warren and Whitney” on a spry Folk Country sway while describing “Dignity and Grace” with a filter of self-reflection, exiting In the Company of a Song walking a “Boulevard” of crushed dreams backdropped by air pollution purple mountain majesty and the concrete riverbeds of Southern California. 

- Danny McCloskey, The Alternate Root (http://www.thealternateroot.com/breaking-thru.html)